Façade Improvement Grant Program

Congratulations to the first 3 awardees of our Facade Improvement Grant!

Facade Improvement Grant




This Year’s Winners

  • Hawksbill Brewing Company

  • The Briar Laine House

  • Performing Arts Luray

This program is temporarily on hold.
Stay tuned for the next round of applications and awards!

We are so excited about this new effort! We hope you will be able to participate!

Luray Downtown Initiative (LDI) is launching an incentive plan to support and revitalize the historic downtown corridor. The overall appearance of the downtown buildings will weigh heavily into the success of the ongoing effort. Over the past years, Luray Downtown Initiative has assisted in the rejuvenation of downtown. Unfortunately, some buildings within the LDI footprint have unmet maintenance needs which may contribute to damage their facades.

The Luray Downtown Initiative Façade Improvement Grant Program was designed to assist with the maintenance and rehabilitation needs of buildings within the LDI footprint. The goal is to offer 50/50 matching grants to interested and qualified building and business owners. The Luray Downtown Initiative Design Committee will administer the grant program.

Restoration projects that accurately replicate historic architectural elements will be given funding priority. Preference will be given to structures of architectural or historic significance as determined by LDI. Properties lacking architectural or historic significance may be deemed eligible for the program if proposed changes will create a façade typical of the architectural periods predominantly represented in downtown Luray.

Facade Improvement Grant