Luray Downtown Initiative Cookbook Fundraiser

Cookbook Fundraiser

Delicious Memories Past & Present

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The Luray Downtown Initiative Board has chosen to compile recipes for a one-of-a-kind cookbook as a fundraiser for one of its upcoming projects.  The name chosen for the book is “Delicious Memories Past & Present” As I mentioned this is a fundraiser so there is a small fee associated with submitting recipes. We are asking you to contribute $10.00 per recipe that you choose to submit, $5.00 of that will be used as a credit when you purchase a completed book. Once we have your recipe and payment you will be given a $5.00 coupon to redeem once the books go on sale.  We will be accepting cash, check or money order with your submission. You can drop off payment and recipes at the LDI Office located in the Chamber of Commerce Building or at The Valley Cork 55 East Main Street Luray.

Our goal is to have the books ready for purchase by the Holiday Season of 2023. Cost of the books will be $20.00.

Our mission is to preserve recipes from those who may have passed on or those who are still among us who has a recipe for a delicious dish for your dinner table. If you wish to include a personal note about the recipe or who it may have originated from, please try to keep it within 40 words or less.

The past two years has reintroduced many to the kitchen and home cooking has seen an uprise for many. It is our hope that you will be compelled to share your recipes with us for this fundraiser. Cookbooks make a great gift for all occasions and are one-of-a-kind for sure. If you have friends or relatives who lived in Page County who may like to contribute a recipe, please pass this information along to them. All recipe submissions should be submitted as soon as possible to reserve your spot, we look forward to this adventure and appreciate your contributions and support.

-LDI Board

Become a Contributor

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Website –
Go to Login
Username –
Password – potato283

Once you are into the site choose add recipe to input your information.

I strongly encourage you to look over the Recipes Writing Tips before you start to see the suggestions on abbreviations. We want the book to look uniform. If this format is not followed changes may be made to your submissions so that this format is carried out throughout the book.

If you would kindly email your recipe to for verification it would be greatly appreciated, or you can drop them off in person with your payment at the LDI Office or The Valley Cork.

If you are unable to navigate the website or find it difficult, please feel free to drop your recipe to Lynette @ the Valley Cork and she will input it for you. If you have any questions, you may contact Lynette @  540-860-9055 you can call or text. Feel free to stop by the Cork too if needed.